Dealing with the remnants of an estate can be difficult. Often times you have an entire house full of furniture, knick knacks even food to deal with. Rather than dealing with it alone, an estate sale allows you to have the help that you need during this emotional time. Our clients, collectors, neighbors and friends come in, find things they love and help move things through the estate for you…and they pay to do it!


Our process begins with a free consultation. Here we’ll join you in your home to review our services and evaluate what you want to sell. You’ll have the final decision on what goes and what stays, and we will assist you every step of the way. With years of experience, we’re confident in advising clients on what is truly fit for sale. 


We will work together to establish a date for your sale and take hundreds of professional photos to begin our online advertising campaigns. Extensive research of your more unique and valuable pieces will help us get your items sold at the best possible prices. 

We market to an extensive customer base in order to secure a successful turnout. Our target audience is largely made up of families, new homeowners, potential homeowners, savvy shoppers and collectors looking for unique items. We work hard to find buyers in every niche possible.


Prior to the sale, we transform your home into an elevated retail experience. While we have many great services, we are especially proud of our staging and pricing skills. Our teams understand the nuances of staging and know how to create a sale-friendly environment, regardless of whether a home is big or small, old or new, metropolitan or rural. We then price every item in the sale at fair market value. This value is determined from past sales, market trends and, of course, the condition, age, history and other attributes of an item. 

Creating Estate Events That Sell


No matter what the size of your estate, we research and evaluate your items with utmost care in order to get you the highest price.


We can sell cars, trucks, equipment, sheds, coins, jewelry, stamps, any antiques or items you wish to sell.

Generating Traffic

We pay for all advertising and applicable expenses to sell your items from our commission.


We will work with your lawyer or representative, trust officer, and real estate agent to guarantee a quality sale.

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